WIP: LLWO Cosplay

Part 1

  So, as Halloween is coming in a matter of months and I want to have a boss costume, I've decided to cosplay LLWO from Black Rock Shooter The Game:

This will be hard, but, if done correctly, completely worth it.

  To keep track of how much I've spent in this cosplay and such, I'll be putting a counter on the left side of the blog, as well and a percentage level of completion.

I also plan to try to work on the cosplay for at least a bit each day.

SO, to get to where I am now, here are some pictures:

Designing the bow...
The most difficult part of the cosplay is creating the bow, so that's being done first.

This is a part of the upper bow. I need to make one identical to this tomorrow as well.

The reason why I'm using Duct tape is because the how thing will be covered in paper mache to give it the BRS looks (the beaten up look and such). So, to cut cost and to save time, I'm using Bristle board and Duct tape (don't worry, I stuffed it with old flyers to start it won't wobble). I expect it to harden with the several layers of PM, so hopefully I won't have to worry (I may stay behind school some times to do the paper mache with my old art teacher).

More of the blue prints.

I found that scenes from the video game is really helping me with the bow, with the one picture of LLWO doesn't give enough detail on the thickness of the bow.

  So, how much have I spent on the cosplay so far and how far am I into it? I'm spliting the costume up into pieces by clothing 20%, clothing accessories (the thing going around his body, the extra detail in the boots, wig, the gloves, etc.) 30%, and the bow and ammunition + boxes as 50%.

So far....

Dollars spent: $0
Percent finished: ~2%

Hopefully I can get the clothing done in one day and buy the wig soon. I don't think I'll buy contacts, since my eyes turn green in certain light and such, so I'll just enhance the colour on PS for photos.

Until next time~

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