Monday, September 27, 2010

Figure Unboxing and Review: Figma Servant Rider

OKAY, SO I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW IT IS UNBEARABLE!!! So yeah, I got a text from my friend about an hour ago telling me that my package came in. I immediately walked there and retrieved it, paying her for her efforts. NOW, IT IS TIME!!!!
HERE IT IS!!! A BOX! Okay, so she opened it just in case, but whatever, she's here now.
I loved this message. And to see all of these peanuts, I was immediately happy to know that she was well protected.
I bought her from AnimeJackpot, an online store from Texas. Here's their site, I highly recommend them:
I opened the box carefully, but piled it up like this. She was well protected and came with some extra magazines and stuff.

I is happy camper.

You probably can't tell from these photos, but the box is in excellent condition, and the corners are amazing!
I know this isn't the last time I shop at animejackpot.
So here she is out of the box. I always thought the figmas were big until I came across a Casual Saber on sale, which I thought was bigger, but she's pretty small. So is Rider, but she is pretty big for a figma.
The back of the box, which I think is for the di:stage.
She came with the usual. The stand, the hands, the stakes, the extension because of her hair, and the figma bag.
Well, because I wanted to display her and not take a lot of pictures, here's one of her.
Here's the review:
Shop's service and shipping: 10/10
Figure Design: 9/10 could have been bigger ;B
Posabitily: 8/10 The hair gets in the way at times.
Accessories: 9/10 I would have loved a third face.
Bonus point: 2 because it's Rider <3
Overall:  38/40
Grade: 95% A+

I HIGHLY recommend this figure.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Okay, so I'm too lazy to post pictures for this post, but I just preordered the rerealsed Megurine Luka nendoroid from Hobby Search. Happy times ;D

Did any of you order any new figures lately?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get her NAO!

We have all heard of Hatsune Miku, and some of you may have heard of her VN02 figurine. If not, here's a pic:
Well, for a limited time only (I think) you can get her for up to 65% off at different sites.

So why wait? Go ahead and buy her!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Message from USPS

And you know what it says? My Figma Rider has started shipping ;D
So, hopefully it won't fail and arrive in 2 months, so hurry up Rider, I want you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


-end commercial-
Crap, it's school time.

So, this year I got all of the courses I wanted, as well as a lot of the teachers that I wanted. My got my favourite Art teacher again, and this time there isn't a complete bitch in my class ^w^. Also, I got two teachers that I had when I was in junior high, so I'm really happy.

How's your courses going?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where are the ads?

If you noticed anything happening today, like the disappearance of the ads by Google, it means that I've been banned from AdSense. So I don't think I'm getting my $7 D:

Time to get a job?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gotta Catch 'Em All! RIDER!

Okay, so some of you might know about my obsession with Rider from Fate/Stay Night, and it's so bad, because I made a list of almost all of the Rider figurines (please tell me if I forget any).
Here's the list:
-Max Factory: Figma Rider
-GSC: Petite Nendoroid Rider x2
-GSC: 1/8 Modest Maid Rider
-GSC: Fate/Stay Night Rider (The really old one)
-GSC: Charinco Rider Nendoroid
-All of the Rider Keychains
-GSC: Servant Rider Trading Figures x2
-Derfomate Fate/Stay Night Rider PVC Figure
-Hobby Japan: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Rider Swimsiut Ver. 1/6 PVC (Suffer)
-Alter: Swimsuit Rider
- EbCraft: Fate/Stay Night 1/7 Rider Figure
-Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Trading Figures (Rider).

There has to be more, I can feel it. So now it's time to find a job! >_>

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: Kannagi CafeReo Gachapon x2 (Nagi and Zange)

Review time! On this blogpost, we have two figures, both made by CafeReo. Here are the boxes:
Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. They are a lot better looking at their native size.
I really like the design of the boxes, but when I bought them, one was already open (because it was in a display case) and whoever opened it, they didn't do a good job. As well, during travel on the way home, one of the boxes got damaged. Yay D;

So let's re open these boxes and see what's inside!
Yeah, it came like this. If you noticed, it was opened from the bottom (not my doing with Zange).
So let's put her together and see what she looks like!
The box is about 11.5cm tall, while Zange is about 12.5cm tall (using the height of the sign to made her taller). For a gachapon, she sure is tall.
Zange seems a bit more mature with this figurine. The paint job is excellent, but there are some little mistakes. Also, the sculpting was also well done.
I love the sculpting on Zange. <3
Aerial shot. Gotta love that sign. ;P
Macro shot. I need a new zoom lens, as well as a Micro lens.
Another macro shot.
Let's move on to Nagi. She also came decapitated.
Unlike Zange, Nagi is smaller than her box by .5cm. Also, she doesn't really look like the Nagi we all came to love or hate.
Nagi in her school uniform.
I love the hair. <3
Her face doesn't seem right...
Still gotta love that hair.
Zange seems to be a high quality.
Different lighting. Also, I couldn't take a pantsu shot, but they are there.
I favourite part is that you can put Nagi's face on Zange's body.

Final impressions: This is a great buy for just $13 each (when I bought them). They are a must have for any Kannagi fan.

Overall score: 8/10.

Also, I finally have my lighting down pat. Here's a example picture:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Room and review preview

When I was in Quebec, I saw some tripods and  I knew I wanted one, but I didn't know if I had enough money. I called my parents, who were coming in a few days, and asked if I could buy one. My dad said that we already owned one, and I could have it. So now fast forward and few weeks and here I am, in my room, using my "new" tripod.

First of all, here are some pictures of my computer area.
There is improvement to be done, like a new desk.
All my figures so far minus the DBZ ones, since I can't find them.
Computer screens with bad lighting
I wonder what website this is... ;3

Also, here are some preview pictures to a review I'm going to be doing.

So, I'll be taking pictures soon, as well as trying to find a good light source.

FLG V2 is up.

Well, it's only some minor changes, but they make the website look a lot better.
So, you might be thinking, "What changes did you make?"

Well, I made a banner, edited the cbox, changed the BG colour, and moved some aps.

Hope you like it. ^^