Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Making the move

So I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30AM to head back home, bringing with me two new figures.  I'll be doing "unboxings" of them, even though I already took them out of the box. Oh well, I'll take apart the figure and put it back in the box. :P

Anyway, short blog post is short. 

Waiting for the shipments to come in...

Okay, so I have 2 figmas on the way now, one was ordered last night, while the other was ordered a few weeks ago.

So, which ones have I ordered?
Well, the one that everyone is getting these days is...

Oh yeah ^^ If only I could get Dead Master now, but I'm low on money, so... D:

And the second? Well, I wanted this one since I saw it. It is... Servant Rider ;B
She is so worth it.
It took me a while to find her, but since I don't have paypal yet, I got my friend to order her for me.
From the pictures the site took, which I did investigate the box (because that's all I could do with the video, since they didn't take her out of the box), she's most likely legit. ;B
Also, 30 day return policy, just it case.

So, besides that, it's been a boring day...
Also, help me stop lurking on /b/, tell me what anime I should pick up.
Here is my anime list...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay, so I might as well post some cosplays, past and future, and what I'm thinking of doing.

SO, first up on the docks, Keiichi Maebara. I used this cosplay at NWCC 2009
Meh, I know, not so much of a good cosplay, but I AM white.
Also, I had an allergic reaction to the blood...

Next, is a short-haired version of Teru Mikami from Death Note
Nice double chin in this one >_>

Anyway, other cosplays I've done are Hidan from Naruto Shippuuden, Sweeney Todd from Sweeney Todd, Pokemon Trainer Brendan from Pokemon, and Snape from Harry Potter. I don't have pictahs. Sorry.

And FUTURE cosplays...
Here are some that are in the process:
-Professor Layton from the Professor Layton series
-Claude Faustus from Kuroshitsuji II
-Lucas (Haha) from Mother 3

And, finally, here are the ones I want to do:
-Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji
-Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man
-Lavi from D.Gray-Man
-Archer from Fate/Stay Night

There will be more in the future, since I did plan to be Allen Walker for NWCC 2010 for a while, but changed to Claude Faustus a few days ago.

So until next time, I'll be watching anime, lurking 4chan (lolololol), and buying stuff in Quebec.

Well, I might as well post some figures...

But since I'm in Quebec, I only have existing photos on my computer, which aren't that great, so I'll only post my rarest figure. Series 2 RARE Bubblegum pink bubble Domo-kun!
No, I didn't get to go to Paris. My brother's ex brought it back for me. As well, nice zebra print, yes? You should get used to it...
Yeah, same pose, but whatever, I only have these two pictures that look good, the other is exactly like this but there was no flash, so the lighting is shit.

So yeah, I guess that's all for today's post. I might do an update, but whatever.

Oh well, bye.

UPDATE: I just ordered Servant Rider Figma from Max Factory. Awesome!!! ;D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Template in the works.

So I'm making a template, so ignore the crap that is blinding your eyes for now and stay by for some smexxyness.

Here's a hint to some of the layout, it's LFC. A lot like KFC, but awesomer.

Well, it's a new beginning...

And all I have to say is I missed updating my blog. D;
So, since I lost interest in the old one, why not start a new one?

Last time, my blog consist of art, but this time, I'll take my photography skills and use them with another passion I love, collecting figurines.

I started collecting figurines as a hobby in 2009, but I use to get figurines as presents when I was younger, whether it be my Donkey Kong Mario Kart 64 figurine, or the pack of Dragon Ball Z figurines that I can't seem to locate. D:

But once the first convention to come around the area I lived in, the western part of Newfoundland, I found a Chie-sensei figurine from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni that I just had to have, which started by collection.

I don't know if I'll get into resin kits or not, but I know my collection will never be forgotten.

So yeah, I'll start posting pictures of my figurines and stuff once I get home (I'm in Quebec atm). Also, I'll post some cosplays and stuff once I start to get my costumes in order.

So for now, I'll just list the figurines I have at the moment, which won't be hard because my collection at the moment is small. My collection includes:
-Donkey Kong Mario Kart 64 figure
-Chie-sensei from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
-Light/Kira petite nendoroid
-Watari petite nendoroid
-Saber Alter Revoltech figurine
-RARE Pink Bubblegum bubble Domo-kun
-Nagi figure
-Zange figure

I know, I know, small list, but I have the Black Rock Shooter figma pre ordered, and the store where I pick up the figures will have it in in October. D:

Also, I plan to pre order all of the other BRS figmas (atm Dead Master and Black Gold Saw).

So for now, I'll end this blog post. Bye.