Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September Loot

So the month of September wasn't that special when it comes to the amount of things that I bought, but when it comes to what I bought, it's pretty damn special.

I first started the awesome loot with the purchase of Figma Rider. The problem was that it wouldn't be arriving for a while. So I needed something to do.

So that's why I purchased Black Butler volume one.
I really like the manga version of the series. So far it's really good.
but I wasn't satisfied with just two new things this month. I needed something else. That's why I went to The Lair and bought another manga. What manga? Deadman Wonderland, and I'm loving it! :D

So, you may be wondering why this loot was epic? Well DUH! I GOT RIDER <3

Anyway, I hope some more stuff will be coming in this month, as well, I'll be posting my cosplays as well.


  1. Where did you buy that Black Butler Volume 1 manga I really like the anime. And that cover is nice too.

  2. I bought it a Coles (a smaller version of Chapters, a Canadian book store).