Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unboxing: Nendoroid Dead Master

  So I received a message from The Asian yesterday and she told me that DM had arrived. She went a piked up today, and an hour ago, in stormy weather, I walked down to her house and picked up Dead Master. I came home, told my parents the story, and ran upstairs and took some photos while I unboxed her and such.

The post office followed the instructions of the box. NO dents to the OUTSIDE box at all. (^~^)

Shot taken from farther away. Notice the photo filter case?

Ooo, I wonder what it is...

What's so funny about this picture? You may have to look closely. (^w^)

 So that's all for this post. Expect a review as soon as my new lens comes in. I want awesome quality pictures for my photoshoot. (^_^)

OH, and if you didn't know what was so weird, Luka is "wearing" DM's chibi face. (^w^)

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