Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Lick 5

  Wow, number 5 already. I took these photos well in advance so I could post them today. If you haven't read my latest anime review on Spice and Wolf, go to the Anime Review page.

So this week I've decided not to take a picture of Saber Alter, since I love her past pose. Some great ones here as well, and I just finished posing BRS is an awesome pose for next Weekly Lick.

So let's get started!

I decided that this week, Luka would be singing to me.

And here's Tako-Luka, just staring at me... (o_o)


Rider seems pissed. Probably because I reposed her earlier this week.

Why did everything turn blueish? Must be from BRS's flame.
She's finally holding Rock Cannon. (^~^)

AND FINALLY.... me hiding in a bathroom...

Attractive, right? Especially the teeth. Stupid expanders. (-.-)

So yeah, Nendoroid Dead Master should be here soon. I'm gathering things for a photo shoot, so I can a proper photog time.

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