Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Lick 6

  So another week and flown past, and what better way to celebrate it with some figurine photos. I really love the Figma poses for this week, and once Nendoroid Dead Master comes in, I'll be able to have a blast with posing the Nendos.

I love this pose of Rider. The eyes really stand out. I saw a picture of Rider posed like this and had to recreate it. (*~*)

This is my favourite pose for this week. Figma BRS's Rock Gun pose is epic on its own, but for some reason it looks a lot like the actual statue from where I sit. (^~^)

Picture came out horrible because of the lighting. Oh well.

Another picture with bad lighting. Meh, too late to take another.

In other news, I bought a circular polarizer photo filter today. It's great.

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