Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Lick 7

      You guys are lucky if you don't have a snowstorm right now. I was planning on going snowboard for the first time this year, yet I learned to find out that most of the lifts were closed, and the only one open was the baby hill's. So, I decided that I would crack down on some post by posting the Weekly Lick 7, which I just finished taking photos for.
       So, this week we have a new contender, as well as the death of another. Nendoroid Dead Master joined the racks on my desk, while Revoltech Saber Alter was banished to the shelf. There's a lot more room now on the right side of my desk, but that will be taken up by Figma Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and STR, as well as the possibilities of a few more like Figma Mirai, Gift Saber Lily (Really want her (;_;) ) and a few other figmas that I really like.
         As well, I found out yesterday that my camera lens has already been shipped and should be here soon. (^~^) Also, the payment for Nendoroid Kureha has gone through, and she should have been shipped.

ANYWAY, let's look at these pictures:

I really love how this picture turned out. I might even use it as the banner for the site, since I need a new one. It's either going to be this picture or one from the review I'm going to be posting, since I'm going to have an awesome background and such.

I decided to combined the Lukas for this week's photo. The day I got Dead Master I put DM's chibi face on Luka, but decided to take it off last night. I think this face suits this pose more. MAYBE the next pose with have the face for the full week.

It seems like she's face/palming, correct? I tried to do the pose from Modest Maid Rider, but the arm wasn't working well, so it ended up looking like a face/palm.

Last week on, LoganRunn asked how I organised the chains for Rider. It depends really. This week I had them in front of her, while BRS's chains are circling her. I'll think of some awesome fighting poses for the next Lick.

This pose was from the preview pictures of BRS. I really liked it, so I decided that his week I'd use it. I can never get my 50mm F1.4 to focus on her eyes completely, since it is a manual focus, yet I can focus on everyone else, especially Luka and Rider. I'll learn. (*~*)

Since the lighting in their original places wasn't a good as it usually is, I decided to move them to the front of the desk facing my door for the pictures. Here is what they are posed like on my desk.

And again.

     So expect the Gurren Lagann review really soon. I still have a few more exams (5 to be exact, I finished only one, which was English) to rape. Le prochain examen est pour Français. For those who aren't French, my next exam in for French. A few short stories and an essay. It's going to be a blast (^~^).

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