Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Lick 12

  I decided not to do a photoshoot this week because I am beat tired. Maybe next week?

DM seems to have been defeated...

Kureha was defeated as well.

Luka is still confused about her magic.

Rider is just standing this week. 

BRS with both weapons.

  I've decided of buying a Nintendo DSi XL instead of a PSP and Pokemon instead of BRS. I don't need WRS.


  1. You should get BRS game!!!
    WRS looks pretty extremely amazing.

  2. I know, but she cost SO MUCH and she does habe some problems, such as her hip joint.

    I might just try and buy her separately.

  3. eek!
    Oh yeah, and I saw the hip joint, but I bet it can't be worse than Black Rock Shooter's!
    At least, mine...
    I think they'll release her seperately for a lower price.