Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Lick 9

   Expect more post tonight. First of all, I'd lick to say HOLY CRAP 3000 VIEWS! (^o^)

Now then, I decided to bring up the lamp for today, since it was getting dark out. The photos turned out really nice. (^~^)

ANYWAY, since I just got Kureha, I decided to put her into the kyudo pose and to change it later on, since I DO change the poses every week.

I love Kureha. Only if they made more Shining Wind nendos...

Luka after her birthday. Happy Birthday!

I love this pose for DM. So awesomesauce.

This is were all the Nendos go. Figmas on the other side.

Sadly, BRS's chest peg broke this week. I have sticky tack where her peg it to hold her together.

I decided that all of the figmas would sit this week. I love this pose. (^~^)

That's a wooden box for my pen and pencil. The pen is epic.

Best Luka picture yet. (^w^)

    I'll be posting the Gurren Lagann review after supper, so come back in a few hours!

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