Monday, March 21, 2011

Second Look: Nendoroid Megurine Luka

  So, some of you may be wondering why there was a new page added to the site. Well, I decided to create and new thing called Second Look, where I take a second look at one of my figures, point out it's positives and negatives after I had it for a while and see if it was a good idea to buy this figure for its price.

So, to start off the new series, I decided to do the first post on my first Nendoroid; Nendoroid Megurine Luka.

I bought Nendoroid Megurine Luka when she was being rereleased by Good Smile Company back in October 2010. I received her during the first day of NWCC (The Asian brought her in for me). Since then, I bought 2 other Nendoroid (Dead Master and Kureha) and now waiting for 2 others (Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji).

I used the 50mm on this one, so don't blame me too much if it's a little out of focus.

  Right away, we see Luka with her pink hair, blue eyes, and futuristic outfit. I think GSC did a great job in recreating this Vocaloid in Nendoroid form, but I have found some issues with her:
~ The movable hair piece is so annoying when interchanging faces and body parts; and
~ The headphone are really hard to remove.
These may be minor problems, but they are noticeable when you are trying to do a quick change during a photoshoot.

 She comes with a bent arm which can be rotated. I love this arm, but I think the hand should have been interchangeable. When I try to do some poses, it looks like she's picking her nose.

 Her gorgeous singing face, which is blushed. There are many ways you can pose Luka to make her look like she's singing in a concert, but this is the most favourable way.

  Her "hamster face", which goes great with the bent arm for creating a confused look. This face is very universal, like the singing face, and can be used on many other Nendos to create a confused face.

  The face is based of the Double Lariat video (see below) and comes with 2 arms and a bent leg to recreate this hilarious dance.

  Finally, she comes with Tako-Luka, my favourite accessory.  Her arms move and her head can be replaced by any other Petit Nendoroid.

In conclusion, Luka's faces are great for use on other Nendoroids, but lacks a lot of poses for herself.

I still recommend Luka, but I also recommend waiting for a third rerelease.

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