Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Lick 15

 Sorry for the short delay. Not a lot happened this week besides the fact that my room has bee rearranged (pictures to follow soon) and that I went to see Hop, which makes me want to have a bunny. D:

Anyway, not a lot of photos this week. One has the potential of becoming an available wallpaper. ^^

So here they are:

New desk position gives off really nice lighting at 6:30 PM

Luka decided to cosplay as Kureha this week. Fits her really well. ^^

Thought Kureha was going to cosplay as Luka? LOL, you really think I'm that simple. Dead Master now has a twin. Live Servant.

Want it as a wallpaper? Post a comment!

  As I said above, I'll be posting new room pictures as soon as everything is finished. Until next post!

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