Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unboxing: Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku

 Yesterday, I received a text message from The Asian telling me that Nendoroid Myan-chan had arrived. Sadly, since I never read it until 9:30, I couldn't go pick her up that day. Fast forward to today, when I received a text at 8:00PM from her telling me that I could go pick her up. I told my parents that I had to go drop off my friend's homework (Mwhahahahaha) and off I went.

I arrived my house several minutes later and rushed up stairs with this box:

When I opened the already-opened box, to my surprise, J-List decided to give me 2 extra treats...

OMG Japanese Flyers!

Tissues.....won't be opening these. XD

  Finally, after going through a layer of bubble wrap and a layer of tissue paper, I got to my beloved Nendoroid...

Awesome box is awesome, right?

"Please take care of me master"
I love this day.

  Well, I'll be posting a review possibly on Thursday. I need to decide what backgrounds and stuff to use. I think I may have an idea... ^w^

Until we meet again!

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