Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So I was hypnotized...

  About half an hour ago, I was at The Amazing Kreskin show here in Newfoundland. Kreskin is a mentalist who has predicted many events such as 9/11, election results, etc. He also does hypnotism.

 He asked for those who wanted to be hypnotized to go to the stage. I, being a fan of hypnotism, decided to volunteer and go onstage. There, he had us do a few things to test whom of the group were the best to hypnotize. I passed the tests and took my seat.

There, I forgot my name, fell asleep while a song played, were unable stand and then unable to sit, etc.

Finally, after he woke us up, we left the stage and shook hands with a random stranger, where a trap was set for us. We couldn't let go of the people's hands.

Finally, after leaving the theatre, we all started to feel really relaxed. To this moment I feel amazingly relaxed.

It was an amazing show.

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