Friday, October 14, 2011

Unboxing: Nendoroid Madoka Kaname

  LOL, WHERE HAZ I BEEN? Good question, self. I'm been really busy, as stated, with things such as test, assignments, conferences (Leadership conferences), and cadets. Sadly, I've been neglecting the blog a lot because of it (I lurk all the time, but don't post). Well, this changes today (hopefully).

Well, about 2 hours ago, I received an email from The Asian and one of my figures had arrived. Excited, I drove over to her house after finishing my Gail's Organic Cold Remedy from David's Tea and picked up the figure.

  I then proceeded to open this box and found another box inside, so I removed it.

I then, surprisingly, open this box and found the following:

Would you like to become a Mahou Sholou?

No thank you.

  So, expect a review possibly tomorrow and a Weekly Lick Sunday (most likely). I really want to start WL again, so I hope I get enough time this weekend to do so.

Until next post!

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