Saturday, September 4, 2010

Review: Kannagi CafeReo Gachapon x2 (Nagi and Zange)

Review time! On this blogpost, we have two figures, both made by CafeReo. Here are the boxes:
Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. They are a lot better looking at their native size.
I really like the design of the boxes, but when I bought them, one was already open (because it was in a display case) and whoever opened it, they didn't do a good job. As well, during travel on the way home, one of the boxes got damaged. Yay D;

So let's re open these boxes and see what's inside!
Yeah, it came like this. If you noticed, it was opened from the bottom (not my doing with Zange).
So let's put her together and see what she looks like!
The box is about 11.5cm tall, while Zange is about 12.5cm tall (using the height of the sign to made her taller). For a gachapon, she sure is tall.
Zange seems a bit more mature with this figurine. The paint job is excellent, but there are some little mistakes. Also, the sculpting was also well done.
I love the sculpting on Zange. <3
Aerial shot. Gotta love that sign. ;P
Macro shot. I need a new zoom lens, as well as a Micro lens.
Another macro shot.
Let's move on to Nagi. She also came decapitated.
Unlike Zange, Nagi is smaller than her box by .5cm. Also, she doesn't really look like the Nagi we all came to love or hate.
Nagi in her school uniform.
I love the hair. <3
Her face doesn't seem right...
Still gotta love that hair.
Zange seems to be a high quality.
Different lighting. Also, I couldn't take a pantsu shot, but they are there.
I favourite part is that you can put Nagi's face on Zange's body.

Final impressions: This is a great buy for just $13 each (when I bought them). They are a must have for any Kannagi fan.

Overall score: 8/10.

Also, I finally have my lighting down pat. Here's a example picture:


  1. @Caroline
    It was my first, so thanks. ^^


  2. great figure but i still prefer my gundams :)

  3. @lockon
    I might buy a Gundam some day, but for now I'm focusing on Rider from Fate/Stay Night.