Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Lick 4

Okay, so I lied, loot will come tomorrow, but for today, since my new Nikkor AF 50mm f1.4 lens is in, I might as well take some awesome picture.

This picture took many a try. Since my lens is manual focus, I have to take 50 billion different photos and find the best.

This one took less time, but took a while anyway.

You're going to start seeing the same pose from Saber Alter, since I hate posing her and I love this pose.

My brother attempted to through out these delicious chocolates from his ex-girlfriend, but my mom found them (in the case) and gave them to me. They are imported from London. C:

I took a few different pictures with different angles for Tako-Luka, but this ended up being the best, and the blur by her head is awesome.

As I stated above, I'll be posting my loot pictures tomorrow (the poor fellows at won't be seeing them until the next day because of a youth group thing I'm doing [yet they all know I'm atheist]).

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