Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Layout is eminent!

So yeah, I'm getting tired of the red and grey layout. I'm planning to update it soon, and I have 2 possible themes in mind.

One of the themes will be based off my all-time favourite character, Rider from Fate/Stay Night. So it'd be a matte grey, black, and purple theme. 
Megane Rider is a must in this theme!!!

The second idea was to go along with the name of the blog. Since my Nendoroid Dead Master is on the way, I thought I'd take an awesome picture of her with awesome lighting (HAHAHA!) and an awesome background and stuff. I'd use the licking face and have her licking her fingers (get it, FINGER LINKIN' GOOD). The colours of this theme would be matte grey, black, and green.

So what do you think? Vote for your choice in the poll set up on the side and whichever has the most votes will become the theme.

Choose wisely, because this will be the theme for a while until I make a spring theme for Kureha.

Also, lens should be in tomorrow, so I'll try my hardest to take and post pictures of my loot, and the nest day I'll post the Weekly Lick.

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